The school has a separate boarding for boys and girls. For students, coming to the boarding means, living away from home for the first time. So we need to be sure that the place is clean, comfortable, safe and within easy reach of all activities. The boarding students are encouraged to take full advantage of all the facilities and opportunities provided to them. Accommodation for students is provided in well maintained, fully furnished hostels with spacious dormitories. It’s here, where the young students learn the spirit of togetherness and imbibe the value of sharing and caring for one another.

The boarding students have an organized schedule, which allocates them with time for self-studies, tutorials, extra-classes, games, recreation and rest. The students’ well-being is looked after by a team of dedicated house staff and wardens, who provide them with a homely and friendly atmosphere.

The boarding has facilities like television rooms, reading lounge, recreation rooms and separate rooms for self-studies. The wardens pay individual attention to each child, acting like strong and motivating parents and counseling them when required.

Fine Food Cuisine

Commodious and well ventilated dining halls with high quality vegetarian food provided in this school.Special consideration is given to provide a well-balanced, nutritional diet with varying food taste ,dish washers installed render sterilized utensils. WATER PURIFIERS with UV light system provide clean and germ free drinking water. A well equipped bakery and modern kitchen takes care of all other pastries and food requirements.

Weekends and Holiday Schedule

A complete schedule for school holidays and weekends is handed over to the parents in June to plan for the year ahead. During weekends the parents can visit the school to meet the teachers and take the child out for a day, whereas during holidays like Diwali Break, Winter Break and Summer Break parents can take the child home for holidays according to the calendar.